E84 Recorder

E84 Recorder

GCI's industry leading E84 Recorder is used by FABs and OEMs worldwide to locate and resolve E84 handshake issues due to signal drops and external interference. It non-intrusively captures the states of all E84 signals during live material handoffs and records them to the connected PC's hard drive. Short- and long-term recording modes are available using E84 Analysis, GCI's industry leading diagnostic software.

The Get Control, Inc., E84 Data Recorder provides non-intrusive data recording of the parallel input / output (PI/O) control signals between production equipment and automated material handling systems (AMHS). When connected to a Windows-based (laptop) computer, the E84 Data Recorder displays the communications associated with material handoff operations between active and passive SEMI® E84 or E23 compliant entities. It is very useful for short and long-term troubleshooting of the interface between production equipment and the AMHS.


Screenshot of E84 Analysis graphing E84 Recorder data


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